Exciting  tour to Baikal Lake

Exciting  tour to Baikal Lake

Moscow – Baikal lake – Moscow

9 days / 8 nights

1st day

– Meeting at the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in starts from 2 p.m..

2nd day

– Buffet breakfast at the hotel. Check out. Transfer to an airport. Departure to Irkutsk.

– Meeting with the guide at the Irkutsk airport.

Irkutsk city tour (by bus). Irkutsk is almost three and a half centuries. You will hear stories of merchant families, known in the whole of Russia will see the unique stone decor Holy cross Church, the monument to Emperor Alexander III and Admiral Kolchak, will visit the territory of the Znamensky convent, the walls of which the tomb of the founder of Russian America Grigory Shelekhov and graves of the Decembrists. Visit the house – estate of Decembrist S. G. Volkonsky.

Lunch in the cafe.

– Bus transfer to Listvyanka village (68 km). Accommodation at the hotel.

3d day


– Visit to the Baikal Museum, in the exposition of which has an aquarium with Baikal fish, stuffed birds and animals, specimens of the Baikal minerals and other exhibits. Virtual dive to the bottom of lake Baikal, where you will be able to see underwater life of the lake will experience a new sensation at a depth of 1637 meters. Walk through the park, which has approximately 378 species of plants of the Baikal region.

– Check out the open air Museum “Taltzy”, located in the forest on the bank of Angara. On its territory there are 13 architectural complexes with 36 wooden buildings, among which the most valuable are the Spasskaya tower and Kazan chapel, built of larch more than 300 years ago without a single nail.

Lunch in a restaurant. Return to Listvyanka. Walking tour to Chersky Stone, named in honor of outstanding Explorer of Siberia Chersky I. D., There is a gazebo with a viewing deck overlooking the magnificent view of the Angara and the Baikal.

– Night in the hotel Listvyanka.

4th day


– Landing on the Circum-Baikal Express, which will make a sightseeing trip along the old Circum-Baikal road, one of the most beautiful places of Baikal region. Over 85 kilometers of the railroad are preserved numerous monuments of engineering art, which blended in with the coastal landscape: 39 tunnels, 16 galleries, about 280 retaining walls. During the trip there are several stops of half an hour to one and a half hours with a small Hiking tours, on which visitors will learn the history of the construction of the “Golden buckle” of the TRANS-Siberian.

Lunch at one of the stations. – Arrival in Slyudyanka in 18-35.

– Transfer to Baikalsk (35 km). Accommodation at the hotel.

Dinner. Night in the hotel of Baikalsk.

5th day

Breakfast. Walking along the taiga trail along the mountain ridge Hamar–Daban (5 km).

Picnic on the banks of a mountain stream. Herbal tea made on the campfire.

– Optional ascent to the Devil’s finger, the top of which opens an amazing panorama of the beauty of the taiga. Return to the hotel.

Dinner. Night in the hotel of Baikalsk.

6th day


– A trip to the clear Warm lakes at the foot of the mountains (45 km). A hiking to lakes Tale and Emerald, on the shores of which thickets of creeping cedar, cranberries and blueberries, meadows bergenia. Access to the mountain river Sneznaya.

– Swimming in the lake, riding on catamarans (surcharge).

– Optional ascent to the mountain Monomakh.

Lunch around the campfire. Return to the hotel.

Dinner. Night in the hotel of Baikalsk.

7th day


– Bus tour to Buryatia (162 km) to the resort of Arshan at the foot of the Sayan mountains (893 m above sea level).

– Travel in the Tunka valley. The mineral waters of Arshan (the analogue of Kislovodsk Narzan). Tour along the picturesque river Kyngyrga, the bottom of which is lined with yellow marble, to a powerful waterfall.

– A visit to a Buddhist temple.

Lunch in the cafe with an order of the Buryat national dishes.

– Check the source of Pearls with a dip under the streams of hot mineral water.

– Return to the hotel. Dinner. Night in the hotel of Baikalsk.

8th day

Breakfast. Walk to the lake Baykal. Lunch.

– Departure for the town of Sludyanka (48 km), which was called by the name of the river which in the 18th century were discovered deposits of mica. You will see the world’s only train station, built in 1905 from the Baikal marble. Visit to private Museum “Semi-precious stones of Baikal”, the collection of which presents all the minerals known to modern science (3450 minerals). Anyone can buy stone products.

– A trip to the Shaman Cape, monument of nature, history and archaeology, sacred place of our ancestors, on the territory of which is still ongoing archaeological research.

– Transfer to the train station. Departure from railway station of Slyudyanka to Irkutsk at about 19:00 o’clock in the evening by train or taxi. If the traveler departs early morning flight, you can take an extra night at the hotel and transfer “hotel-airport”.

– The flight to Moscow. Meeting at the airport. Accommodation for 1 night in the hotel.

9th day

– Buffet breakfast at the hotel. Check out. Transfer to the airport.

Tour price per person. Prices are in euro.

The price is valid for season autumn, winter and spring 2017-2018 (except the May):

Hotel 5 8 10+1 15+1 20+1 additional fee for single room additional stay in hotel (per night in twin room)
3* 1625 1492 1442 1383 1350 358 95
4* 1708 1550 1508 1450 1433 375 127
5* 1742 1575 1533 1483 1450 408 145

The price includes:

  • stay at your chosen hotel for 2 nights in DBL or TWIN standard room in Moscow and 6 nights in DBL or TWIN room in Listvyanka village and hotel of the city of Baikalsk (all the rooms have bathroom). Check-out time 12.00. Check-in time 2p.m.;
  • 8 buffet breakfasts, 7 lunches, 4 dinners;
  • guide (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish language)/translator during all excursions (the cost of the tour may change if you will order a guide with other languages);
  • transport: according to the tour program (for a group 5, 8, 10 +1 and 15+1 person service bus with 18 seats in the saloon, 20+1 person – bus with 44 seats in the saloon);
  • tickets to the museums as stated in the tour program;
  • visa support;



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