Moscow holiday

«Moscow holiday»

Red Square – Kremlin – Armory Chamber – moscow metro – farmstead-museum Kolomenskoe – Tretyakov Gallery – Arbat street – Novodevichy Monastery

5 days / 4 nights

1st day

– A guide will meet you at the airport.

– Transfer to the hotel for accommodation. Check-in starts from 2 p.m.

Moscow city tour (by bus). It will take you to the most remarkable sights of the Russian capital with photo stops at the best picture taking points including the White House of Russian Government, KGB Headquarters, Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill devoted to the victory of the Russian arms in the Second World War, the observation platform on the Sparrow Hills with a view on Moscow from this most elevated point of the city.

– Arrive back at the hotel. Then you’ll have some free time.

(A guide and transport will be with you for 7 hours in total).

2nd day

Breakfast at the hotel. A guide will meet you in the hotel lobby.

– Transfer in the center of Moscow.

Red Square walking tour. No doubt, the Kremlin and Red Square are the most important sights and at the same time symbols of the whole Russia. The word «Red» has an important meaning in our culture – in old Russian it means «beautiful». On our way you will see luxury shopping mall – the GUM (State Department Store), Lenin’s Tomb, the beautiful richly decorated building of State History Museum, Saint Basil’s Cathedral. It has 9 chapels which are connected by brightly decorated galleries and constitute a great colorful complex. After the short walk we will visit the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

– Excursion to the Moscow Kremlin (territory + cathedral). The Moscow Kremlin is a magnificent architectural achievement. Its monumental walls and towers, golden-domed cathedrals and ancient palaces are pleasure to the eyes. Russian Knyazes (Grand Dukes) and tsars lived here long time ago and nowadays it is the official residence of the president of Russia. You will see famous Tsar-Bell and Tsar-Cannon. Excursion included the visit to one of the cathedral (16th century). The interiors of the cathedrals are decorated with frescoes, icons, precious stones and gold.

– Excursion to the Armory Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin, which has the fantastic collection of priceless and luxurious items. The collection include royal carriages, oldest Russian thrones, amazing coronation dresses, Faberge Easter eggs and many other wonders. Each the famous Faberge Easter eggs had a surprise – either a music box, a clock, or a model of a Trans-Siberian train.

– Arrive back at the hotel.

(A guide and transport will be with you for 7 hours in total).

3d day

Breakfast at the hotel. A guide will meet you in the hotel lobby.

– Excursion on the Moscow metro called «The Underground Castles». You will visit the most beautiful and famous stations of Moscow metro. Some of them look like real castles (hence the name of the tour). Stations such as Komsomolskaya show all the major breakthroughs of the soviet people. At the Novoslobodskaya metro station you will see a panoply of mosaics and gorgeous back-lit stained glass on the walls. Novokuznetskaya station is best known for its 32 stained glass panels. The station Ploschad Revolutsii opened in 1938. The station features red and yellow marblearches. The spaces between the arches are partially filled by decorative ventilation grilles and ceilin tracery. Each arch is flanked by a pair of bronze sculptures depicting the people of the Soveet Union. There are a total of 76 sculptures in the station. You will see the whole city that lies beneath the main city above – non of the Moscow metro stations are alike; they are all original works of art!

– We will finally get off the metro at the farmstead-museum Kolomenskoe. There will be an excursion to the Alexey Mikhailovich Castle. During the excursion you will visit the castle’s big halls and tsar’s bedrooms. A guide will tell you about the reconstruction of the castle as well as interesting facts about how Tsars used to live in Russia in XVII century.

– Transfer back at the hotel.

(A guide will be with you for 5 hours in total, and transport for transfer “museum-hotel”).

4th day

Breakfast at the hotel. A guide will meet you in the hotel lobby.

– Visit to the Tretyakov Gallery. The Tretyakov Gallery is the main museum of Russian national art, reflecting its unique contribution to world culture. The gallery has a rich collection of Russian realistic paintings, beautiful portraits, landscapes and historical images can help you to understand culture and to solve the riddle of «the mysterious Russian soul». The collection contains more than 130,000 exhibits, ranging from Theotokos of Vladimir and Andrei Rublev’s Trinity to the monumental Composition VII by Wassily Kandinsky and the Black Square by Kazimir Malevich.

– !!! For an additional fee, we recommend you to visit the Bolshoi theatre (excursion) or folk show. We ask you to check the price of the tour and the show when booking the tour!

– Transfer back at the hotel.

(A guide and transport will be with you for 5 hours in total).

5th day

Breakfast at the hotel. Check out. A guide will meet you in the hotel lobby.

– Transfer to the place where the excursion starts.

Arbat street walking tour. Arbat street is an atmospheric pedestrian street of Moscow. It is nice place to listen some street music and to buy souvenirs in one of its numerous shops. You will see the memorial of the famous Russian poet Aleksander Pushkin and his wife Natalia Goncharova, «The house of the third millennium» of architect Melnikov, the beautiful fountain called «The Golden Turandot» in front of the Vakhtangov theatre.

– Transfer to the Novodevichy Monastery. Excursion to the one of the oldest and beautiful convent, which was established to celebrate the victory in battle. This monastery is on UNESKO list of the world heritage.

– Transfer to the airport.

(Guide and transport will be with you for 8 hours in total).


Tour price per person. Prices are in euro.

The price is valid for season autumn, winter and spring 2018-2019 (except the May):

Hotel 5 8 10+1 15+1 20+1 additional fee for single room additional stay in hotel (per night in twin room)
3* 900 683 658 558 525 233 95
4* 983 750 742 650 608 267 127
5* 1042 783 792 692 650 300 135

Hotels 3*: “IBIS Paveletskaya”, “IBIS on Dynamo”, “Bega”, “Izmailovo Gamma”, “Kosmos”.

Hotels 4*: “Izmailovo Vega”, “Izmailovo Delta”, “Izmailovo Alpha”, “Azimut Olympic”, “Azimut Smolenskaya”, “Marriot Tverskaya”, “Holiday Inn Lesnaya”, “Sretenskaya” etc.

Hotels 5*: “Marriot Grand”, “Marriot Aurora”, “Savoj”, “Golden Ring” and others.

The price includes:

  • stay at the hotel for 4 nights in standard TWIN or DOUBLE room. Check-in is at 2 p.m. Check-out is at 12 p.m.;
  • 4 buffet breakfasts;
  • guide (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish language) and translator during all excursions;
  • transport: according to the tour program (for a group 5, 8, 10 +1 and 15+1 person service bus with 18 seats in the saloon, 20+1 person – bus with 44 seats in the saloon);
  • tickets to the museums as stated in the tour program;
  • visa support;

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