About Us

Dear Sirs,


Welcome  to Latvia. I hope  you will  not regret. Latvia  as if it is created for short and bright trips.

You can image the cocktail of  the  strong  European  comfort, fresh Baltic service and  local  cheap price. All are served in different  languages .  Only one night by  train or some hours by plane and you are in the centre  of Europe and in the zone of European comfort!

There are all things here  in  Latvia !  This  is the time to compliment own сompany.  Many tourists form different countries : Russia,  European countries – Germany, Poland, the Netherlands,  Kazastan, Azerbaidgan   use our services  and  they confide that our service is at top level and they have promised to come back!

What can  Latvia offer to tourists ?  From Russian styled sauna with vodka to  great art masterpieces. We  have seriously  reviewed  and  changed our programs – the Baltic states “ The  pearl of the Baltic Sea”, Latvia-Scandinavia  “ As a guest to the Swedish King” , weekend  tours, SPA tours on the beach “Aphorodite’s vacations “,  the  summer language  camp for children “Jurmala Camp “ ( for learning  English, German, Russian )  on the beach  in Jurmala.

We offer  new combined tours  – Latvia-Russia (Riga-Moscow or Riga –St. Petersburg ) “ the Golden Ring” “ The Tsars Moscow” ,” The marvelous St.Petersburg” and so on .  We start and would like to offer  a new  travel  product- military tourism –  the adventure and unforgettable  exciting tours  in  former military  places ( museums, military bases) .

I remind you  about our  light and comfortable management . We work with individuals and groups,  we support  during all  the trip and other terms can be changed  on request . Most our tours and entertainments are out of analogy.  This can be  happened  only  in Latvia, and  this can be offered by our company .

We are looking forward to you !

Your safe partner in  the  Baltic region  – Travel agency Balt Accord!